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Fitness Resistance Elastic Band

Fitness Resistance Elastic Band

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The Fitness Resistance Elastic Band is an ideal addition to any workout or exercise routine. Engineered with superior elastic metal material, the band guarantees strong, durable quality that will last through your toughest workouts. The resistance levels can be customized depending on the type of workout you desire for optimal results. The set includes four different elastic bands with various levels of intensity providing a range of options for your needs. Our Resistance Rubber Bands are suitable for Yoga and training activities such as Pilates or Stretching Bar exercises. They’re light-weight and extremely portable letting you take them anywhere you go, anytime. Whether you’re looking to tone and strengthen muscles or increase muscle power, this tool is sure to give you an effective workout that produces great returns fast. Enhance your workouts today with our Fitness Resistance Elastic Band!




Product Details:
Product name: Multifunctional tension belt, training pole
Color: Yellow, Red, Black, Blue, Green
Material: 100% latex
Training pole length: 106cm


5 Level Resistance Band
Green : 600*50*0.35mm  10lbs 
Blue:   600*50*0.5mm   15lbs 
Yellow: 600*50*0.7mm   20lbs 
Red:    600*50*0.9mm   30lbs 
Black:  600*50*1.1mm   40lbs

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