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Pickleball Paddles Set Includes 4 Balls

Pickleball Paddles Set Includes 4 Balls

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Introducing the Pickleball Paddles Set! This must-have sports equipment set is designed to make it easy for anyone to enjoy a game of pickleball. The set includes four paddles and four balls of the highest quality, providing you with everything you need for a great game. Made from ultra-durable materials, our paddles are designed to last through prolonged use – making them perfect when playing with friends and family. With comfortable grip handles and a range of weights, our paddles cater to all levels and types of players, so everyone can join in the fun. And with lightweight balls offering optimal speed, accuracy, and control, our top-notch equipment ensures a thrilling pickleball experience for whatever level you’re playing at. So make sure you’re ready for your next game – grab your Pickleball Paddles Set today!



Paddle Face: T700 Carbon Fiber
Inner Core: PP Honeycomb
Dimension: 40*20*1.3cm
Weight: 225g - 240g
Pack: Bubble Bag/pcs

Packing List:
2*Pickleball Paddle

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